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GANGGANG isn’t bogged down in superficial discussions about diversity, equity and inclusion. Instead, we’re investing in the creative economy directly, paying the culture back with an intentional reparational slant. Creatives of color continue to be underrepresented and underrecognized for their contribution to culture. But we aim to change this. We believe that culture brings humanity together, and so we work every day to protect and promote it, by supporting a city’s makers in new, equitable, revenue-generating ways.

How we do what we do

GANGGANG activates the creative economy to produce more culture, beauty, and equity across cities. We do this by finding new ways to appreciate and financially support creatives of all kinds, with a focus toward those whose work has historically been exploited. Our teams push boundaries and challenge mindsets with creative vision, shifting the way our audiences view each other and the world around us through unmatched design, ingenuity, and execution. 

GANGGANG is a first-of-its-kind group that focuses purely and solely on culture and bringing the energy, shared benefits, and creators within the industry to the forefront.

"A city is in a dangerous place when its creatives stop dreaming."
- Alan Bacon

GANGGANG can creatively direct anything.

what we do
Creative Direction

Creative Direction

When our imagination and creative vision are applied to signature projects, consumer brands, institutional organizations, and to the built environment, the end result is delight, awareness, and cultural cohesion. 

BUTTER: A Fine Art Fair
YPO Regional Conference
Rev (Indy Motor Speedway)

Transformative Production

Transformative Production

We take everyday creative pursuits and transform them into life-changing, brand-altering opportunities as it relates to performing arts, stage production and more. From large-scale production and entertainment to public art programs and artist curation/broker services, our work in this space improves perceptions and cultural relevance.

Next Up (music fellowship)
Marathon Health
Clowes Lawn Concert Series
Taggart Memorial Amphitheater Series

Strategy + Engagement

Strategy + Engagement

We leverage the power of culture to build things in a creative way – plans, ideas, places, surfaces and activities. GANGGANG works closely alongside corporate partners who are ready to recognize their role in this moment, providing strategic guidance in the interest of equity, beauty and culture.

South Downtown Engagement Plan
BC Forward
Eli Lilly Day of Service
In the Mix (real estate)

  • Known for their proven commitment to the power of the arts, Alan and Mali founded GANGGANG as the revival and way forward in 2020.

  • Alan Bacon
    Alan Bacon
    , Co-Founder + President
  • Malina Simone Bacon
    Malina Simone Bacon
    , Co-Founder + Executive Director

Featured Projects

From massive urban murals to creative consulting for national brands, each new opportunity, sparked internally or via external collaboration, works to provide sustainable equity in the creative economy. We’re always open to collaboration at info@ganggangculture.com.

Upcoming Projects

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  • Brandi Davis-Handy
    Brandi Davis-Handy
    The AES Corporation, Chief Customer Officer
  • Alyse Tucker Bounds
    Alyse Tucker Bounds
    , Visual Portfolio Manager + Operations Manager
  • Ben Leslie
    Ben Leslie
    , Vice President of Operations
  • Channie Jones
    Channie Jones
    , Vice President of Programs
  • Deonna Craig
    Deonna Craig
    , BUTTER Fine Art Fair Director
  • Grace Seibert
    Grace Seibert
    , Office + Hospitality Manager
  • Hayes Barnes
    Hayes Barnes
    , Marketing Director
  • José Martinez
    José Martinez
    , Development Coordinator
  • Keri Kirschner
    Keri Kirschner
    , Communications + Strategy
  • Nigel Long
    Nigel Long
    , Senior Director, Indianapolis Market
  • Simoné Walls
    Simoné Walls
    , Administer to the Presidents' Office


GANGGANG is extremely grateful to our sustaining partners and collaborators moving the needle on culture, equity, and beauty.

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