Call for Artwork: Eskenazi Health Center

Eskenazi Health, 60 on Center, and GANGGANG are pleased to announce a Call for Artwork to artists and residents of Indiana to submit artwork for consideration of purchase by Eskenazi Health for the new Eskenazi Health Center East 38th Street. Eskenazi Health and 60 on Center will consider purchasing available works of art as well as commissioning new work for purchase.

This is a direct purchase, and all artworks will be acquired by December 15, 2023.

Project Description

The Eskenazi Health Art Collection was created to enhance our healing environment, represent the diversity and brilliance of our community, and carry forward Eskenazi Health’s deep and long-standing connection with the people of Indianapolis.

Eskenazi Health is acquiring a diverse collection of artworks for permanent acquisition and display at Eskenazi Health Center East 38th Street opening in 2024. This call is open to all skill sets and levels of artist production. Acquisitions may range from the purchase of singular or multiple artworks, a numbered edition, or body of works. Eskenazi Health values art as an instrument for healing and believes that artwork can reduce patient stress and improve health outcomes. The themes and subject matter of art should support Eskenazi Health’s mission to advocate, care, teach, and serve, support a healing environment, and consider the diversity of the community served.

A range of mediums are welcome for submission, including but not limited to: oil, watercolor, acrylic, graphite, charcoal, pastels, photography, ceramics, printmaking, textile, and mixed media. All artworks should be wall-based and constructed with stable and ready to hang materials, including but not limited to stretched canvas, paper, wood, ceramic, and mixed media. Artworks do not need to be mounted or framed as Eskenazi Health will facilitate and incur the expense of framing.

Artworks may range in size from small to very large and can be singular objects or a grouping of several items. Interested artists can submit up to 10 individual, singular artworks for consideration or 5 artworks consisting of multiple elements or pieces. Artists may submit images of preexisting artworks available for purchase, or if they desire to be commissioned for new works, may share images of previously made artworks and a description with sketches of commission concepts.

Eligibility & Artwork Requirements


This call for art is open to all residents, artisans, professional artists, artist-led teams currently residing in the state of Indiana, or representatives for Indiana artists. Artists living in or with a strong personal connection to Indianapolis’ Eastside are particularly urged to apply.

Artwork Requirements

  • All artworks must be original and not duplications, copies, or forgeries of other’s artwork.
  • All varieties of artworks are welcome for submission except films or videos. 3D artworks must be wall-hanging works only (ceramics, textile, mixed media, mosaic) and must be contained (close to the wall); nothing jutting out to a degree which might harm someone walking by.
  • No artworks should exceed 120 inches in any direction.
  • All artworks must be stable materials and medium.
  • Artworks must be in the best possible physical state of preservation. Artworks that are fragile or require conservation will not be approved for purchase.
  • Art should not depict conflict, cause stress, support a controversial social or political message, or contain nudity, offensive language or imagery, copyrighted imagery, corporate logos or endorse corporate sponsorship.
  • Artworks must have a legal title free and clear of restrictions or qualifications.
    • For purchased artworks, title is deemed to be transferred on the date when payment is issued.
    • Artworks will not be acquired if they have knowingly been obtained under illegal circumstances.

Artworks do not need to be mounted or framed as Eskenazi Health will facilitate and incur the expense of framing. If the artwork is already framed, please indicate it on the application form.


Timeline (Tentative)

Aug. 1, 2023: Call opens
Sept. 17, 2023: Call closes
Oct. 30, 2023: Artist notifications
Oct. 30, 2023 – Jan. 8, 2024: Collect purchases with artist payments and production time for commissioned pieces
Jan. 15, 2024: All artwork is in the possession of Eskenazi Health or its representative Spring 2024: Artworks on public display (official date to be announced)

Full details of this Call for Artwork are included in the application linked below.

Apply by September 17th, 2023