Amiah Mims

Amiah Mims

Amiah Mims

Amiah Mims is an ever-growing designer and painter. Residing in Indianapolis, the 28-year-old is a 2015 graduate of Kent State University where she majored in Visual Communication Design and minored in Photo Illustration. She is also a retired KSU collegiate level gymnast and MAC Champion.

Until recently, she was a full-time Graphic Designer for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. However, her need to invest more into her organic artistic talents motivated her to take a leap of faith and branch out on her own. Now she offers a wider range of her creative services as a freelance designer and professional artist.

Amiah has always had the creative talent, but has only tapped into it with intention as of late. Learning to utilize her abilities to their full capability has been an empowering journey, and will continue to be. She will continually strive to take who she is, who she wants to be and what she can do, and use it for a purpose greater than herself.

To date, a few of her art career highlights include the Welcome Race Fans project (2019), the BLM Boarded Window Mural project (2020), the Indy BLM Street Mural project (2020), the Indianapolis Recorder building mural (2020), the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Program Cover (2021) and her “Uncaged Souls” piece that was featured in the inaugural BUTTER Art Fair (2021). Though she mainly uses acrylic paints, she enjoys exploring different mediums on different canvases. Her style is flexible and adapts accordingly, depending on her mood or the content of the piece. Her use of color is vivid, causing her work to have a bold presence.

She is a proud member of The Eighteen Art Collective and acts as the PR Coordinator fro the group. Reading is her favorite pastime, along with singing in the shower. Sometimes in public, but mostly in the shower.

Client List

  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum
  • Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper
  • Pacers
  • Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana
  • CoForce Marketing Agency
  • The Eighteen Art Collective

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