Caleb Poer

Caleb Poer

Caleb Poer

As a self taught multimedia artist, Caleb Poer’s passion for expressing himself using various mediums has always driven him. Exploration of new materials and techniques has been critical to his creative journey, leading him to a proficiency in digital art and studio art.

He is an Indiana native, growing up in Bloomington. He attended Indiana University for four years and graduated with a Bachelors in Political Science and Communications. He is a proponent of public service and civic action, which is what led him to study political science. He believes in order for him to change an unjust system, he must also understand its complexities.

He takes a bold approach to art, often pushing boundaries and stitching together related concepts to create interconnected works. A commitment that is in line with his civic engagement and goal to inspire meaningful conversation. Making his art an interactive experience has allowed him to develop a community around his work that he intends to nurture and expand.

Caleb’s artistic journey began to flourish alongside the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As life became reclusive, he turned inward, dedicating significant time to his craft, experimenting, and picking up new skills along the way. He soon realized that he desperately wanted his art to communicate with the viewer.

He had now come to his first major artistic obstacle, “How will I do that? Up to that point all my art had solely been for my own enjoyment, never thinking about how others would interact with it.” He decided to look within, understanding that it would take vulnerability to illicit honest emotion and conversation with his audience.
Caleb’s determination led him to what has become his most successful series to date “INFLECTION”. Where his painted depiction of cherubs on mirrored surfaces has struck a chord with many. His inspiration comes from something that has held him back throughout his life; self perception. He paints symbols of innocence and beauty and place them directly between the viewer and their reflection. He not only place a roadblock in front of self-criticism, he offers an opportunity for an individual to see themselves as, and within art. INFLECTION has led directly to some of his greatest artistic achievements, including being awarded a 2023 Emerging Artists Grant from the Bloomington Arts Commission, as well as being featured as a 2023 BUTTER Artist. He says he is fortunate to have been able to publicly display these pieces, and is excited to show how they have evolved alongside him.

Client List

  • Indiana University African American Arts Institute
  • City of Bloomington

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