Dana Powell-Smith

Dana Powell-Smith

Dana Powell-Smith

Dana Powell-Smith is a multi-faceted artist. She works with Acrylics on Canvas, Multi-Media Art, and Digital Art. Dana honors her family and lineage through her process.

As a wife, mother, and grandmother, Dana understands the power of art in generational healing and in attaining freedom.

As the Granddaughter of Harlem Renaissance artist Georgette Seabrooke Powell, Dana was immersed in the art world from a young age. Her sweetest childhood memories were in joining her grandmother in DC as she activated in public spaces and in painting alongside other children, on the sidewalk and in the park.

Dana continued to paint in private for more than a decade but never imagined her work would travel beyond her own home. After a traumatic brain injury almost thirty years ago, Dana laid her brush down for many years when Doctors told her she would not be able to work again. Rather than acquiesce to their limitations, Dana pushed herself to regain her normal life, relearning how to walk again and even pursuing a new collegiate degree.

Dana was never one to be told what she can and cannot do. She is a published Artist and an Award-Winning Artist, with art displayed inside the Circle Centre Mall in Indianapolis (public art).

Soon after the televised police killings of our Black men, Dana moved back to the canvas to process her anger and grief. She has painted every day since. Dana was born and raised in the suburbs of New York. Dana now calls Indianapolis Indiana home.

Client List

  • "A Collection of Voices at Meijer" Art Competition | Selected as a Top 15 Artist

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