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IDK Kori

Art should disturb the comforted, and comfort the disturbed. At least that’s what Kori, an Indy-based digital and traditional artist, believes. She pulls inspiration from anything (or anyone) strange and subversive. From the jaded-looking Bratz dolls she depilated as a child to the oddball cartoons of 90s and 00s-era Cartoon Network, Kori has always been drawn to the atypical. She also gains inspiration from the dissection of social etiquette and controversial topics.

Up until the spring of 2022, Kori made designs in exchange for a passing grade and a pat on the back from instructors. These days, she aims to create artwork that curb-stomps tolerable, confining, unimaginative, shallow, and/or submissive depictions of Black American women in mainstream media. Her subjects can be beautiful or trashy, plain or deranged. The point of her artwork is that Black women have range like everyone else does, and they should be allowed to exist in any capacity beyond what media and society deem acceptable.

Less intense yet just as relevant, Kori also finds joy in creating ethereal, otherworldly art inspired by her earthly thoughts and feelings.

Though Kori had previously cast personal creativity aside in favor of academia, the college grad is ready to return to center, explore, and grow.

Game Design Experimentation

This game design project explores the concept of “home”. Being an imaginative and introverted person, home is in her head; so this virtual world is meant to be one visual representation of what’s going on up top. She programmed the audio, character controls, and visuals with Unity, a cross-platform game engine.

Client List

  • The Learning Tree
  • South College Studios
  • Black Knight Construction, LLC.
  • Indiana University Late Nite
  • Celestial Creative Collective

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