Isaac Poole

Isaac Poole

Isaac Poole

Isaac Poole is a published fashion photographer from South Bend, Indiana. He says he has been blessed to photograph in cities like LA, Chicago and Miami.

He first picked up the camera at early age 16 years old. His mother played a huge role in his heavy interest in fashion photography. He attended the Art Institute right after high school and continued his education afterwards by seeking out powerful mentors in his space. Isaac was always able to see a bigger picture with photography, and after his first solo trip to Atlanta his mind opened up even more.

Isaac takes great pleasure in photographing images that are very bold and timeless. He is inspired by others’ unique talents and beauty. His work has been nationally recognized, as he was nominated to win Photographer of the Year by the Atlanta Art Awards. Isaac has also been published in multiple fashion magazines. Isaac also enjoys giving advice to other photographers who want to get better at what they do.

Client List

  • EllĂ©ments Magazine
  • PUMP Magazine
  • Tainted Magazine
  • Mob Journal Magazine
  • Style Cruz Magazine
  • Scorpio Jin Magazine

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