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Kenyon Mason is an up-and-coming creator known for his experimental use of mediums and portraiture. Often working with cardboard as his canvas, his use of these mediums creates layers and textures, paired with vibrant color schemes that captivate viewers. His work has garnered attention from galleries and patrons in his city.

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Kenny’s creative roots run deep, with his mother, a creator and art teacher, serving as an early influence. Pursuing a field in Fine Arts at Ivy Tech Community College, Kenyon further honed his skills, experimenting with different mediums and developing his distinct voice.

Kenyon’s artistic journey took a significant turn with his first student show at Ivy Tech, the 5th Annual Student Juried Show, where he was awarded Best Beginner and Best Drawing in 2019. This recognition fueled his confidence and motivated him to participate in community art shows and exhibitions, connecting with local artists who contributed to the evolution of his creative practice.

To understand Kenyon’s style, one must grasp his creative influences. He draws heavily from the Harlem Renaissance, finding inspiration in artists like Aaron Douglas and Jacob Lawrence, appreciating their use of color and storytelling. Additionally, the graffiti art movement has a significant impact on his work, evident in the mediums he chooses.

Kenyon’s work has graced numerous galleries and events. Beginning with student juried shows in college, he has garnered several awards. His journey gained momentum with his submission to the Legacy: Celebrating Black Voices show at the Garfield Park Art Center in February 2022. Since then, he has showcased his art in various gallery spaces around Indianapolis, selling his first original work at the Harrison Center during an artist showing with the WE ARE collective. In the same year, he earned the opportunity to curate his first solo art exhibition, solidifying his presence in the local art community.

Throughout his creative endeavors, Kenny has cultivated work he is proud of, connecting colorful expressionistic elements with his love for portraiture. His unique blend of styles invites viewers to communicate and share experiences, turning his work into an expression for both himself and the audience.

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