Krystal Mobley

Krystal Mobley

Krystal Mobley

Krystal Mobley is an art teacher and a visual artist from Tampa, FL, currently based in Indianapolis, IN. Her work reflects her infatuation with the human form and subtle minimalism. It’s heavily influenced by her experiences growing up in the south. She is a fan of American history and uses it as a conduit to personify capitalism, it’s effects, the influence it has, as well as the role it plays in modern society.

She has only been in Indy for about 1.5yrs, but she has been commissioned by Hamilton County for their bicentennial celebration. She has also had the opportunity to be apart of the Truth of Freedom group show at Newfields in June 2023. She says Indy has such a vibrant art scene and she is excited about all of the possibilities.

As for her work, she has never made replicas. She paints reality.

Client List

  • The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - Los Angeles Chapter
  • Hamilton County

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