Marcus Robins

Marcus Robins

Marcus Robins

Marcus Robins is a first-generation Nigerian-American artist. He has been into art practically his whole life and started oil painting about a year ago. Despite working in aerospace, his real passion lies in expressing himself through oil painting, specifically in the style of Afro-futurism.

His Nigerian background heavily influences his work, blending traditional themes with futuristic ideas. Even though his days are spent in the aerospace industry, he dedicates his nights to capturing his cultural roots on canvas through oil painting.

Afro-futurism isn’t just a phase for Marcus; it’s a long-term commitment. He wants to keep exploring its themes and narratives throughout his artistic career.

Balancing his day job with my art might be a challenge, but it’s a dual identity that enriches his work. Marcus draws inspiration from both the corporate world and the expressive realm, fusing tradition and modernity.

Looking up to the Renaissance masters, he aims to replicate their techniques and styles in representing black subjects. It’s his way of paying homage to the classical artists and bridging the gap between historical and contemporary art.

Marcus’ goal isn’t just personal fulfillment; he wants to offer a unique perspective that connects with people worldwide. He is driven to push the boundaries of Afro-futurism, but ultimately wants to contribute to representation of black faces in the realm of fine art. Oil painting allows him to explore identity, culture, and the potential of the future.

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