Nathasa Rae

Nathasa Rae

Nathasa Rae

Nathasa Rae is a hand-drawn neo-pop realism ink illustrator and watercolorist. She creates mighty fierce warrior women who embrace their inner strength and beauty. These warrior queens are created to empower others to embody their own power and stunning grace.

During a time of combating self doubt and harshness, she created warriors to heal. In the midst of all of this, it dawned on her that she may not be the only one who needed this message. So in her small apartment she started creating illustrations and watercolors to encourage and inspire others to embrace their true spirit.

Nathasa’s mother taught her how to draw and she is still the person Nathasa turns to when she has trouble with her art; her brother also is a great resource. Her background in formal training includes traditional drawing, graphic design and pre-production animation.

Once Nathasa turned 18, she began to have mystery medical issues that led to years of physical pain and mental struggles. She turned to art and her faith to cope. In fact, it was in the midst of all of this that she sketched her first warrior –a reminder to herself of the strength and grace other woman in her family possess in tough times. This is why she believes in the healing power of art. Nathasa has used art to navigate through the storms and the sunny days; so she creates art to help others bravely sail through their storms as well.

In 2021, she worked with HGTV Urban Oasis and created the artwork featured in the 2021 Urban Oasis Home located in Broad Ripple.

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