Nese the Arteest

Nese the Arteest

Nese the Arteest

Nese the Arteest is an Indianapolis-based painter, photographer, and YouTuber. She has been a visual artist her entire life. She began her art career drawing her favorite cartoons, but over time she transitioned to paining. Her paintings include a variety of different mediums, her favorite being acrylic and spray paint.

Nese’s inspiration has always been her father, who is an artist as well. He has never sold any of his work because he feels that his art is his escape.  She says she understands that even more at her current age, as she loves to get lost in a painting.

As a photographer, she has captured everything from street photography to weddings. She says she loves photography because you have the power to show anyone that they’re beautiful.

Nese currently has artwork  on display at the Marilyn Rose Center.

Client List

  • Jazz Roots Indy

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