Onye Ndika

Onye Ndika

Onye Ndika

I am a geometric bead artist. My primary method of creating art is weaving beads. Whether it is to be adornment for the body (wearable) or adornment for personal space (sculptural), my art is always driven by and created from a place of geometric spatial exploration and interaction. Thanks in part to blogs, local and global (social media) networking, I’ve enjoyed various creative opportunities, such as being a member of the BeadInfinitum.com Design Team, creating art for the Indianapolis Downtown Public Library’s Meet The Artist exhibit, styling models at several local fashion events, teaching for ReGeneration Indy, teaching at the Bead and Button Show, and creating commissioned artwork for private clients as well as collaborative work with other fine artists. Additionally, my beaded artwork has been published within the Bridges Organization, the Joint Mathematics Meetings, and “1000 Beads”, a Lark Crafts Publishing book.

I have had a passion for handicrafts throughout my life, beginning in elementary school. I became curious about and fascinated with beads at age 13; I would entreat my mother to purchase beads for me while she shopped for fabrics to have clothing made by her seamstress. I taught myself some basic stitching techniques with seed beads, then I began making and selling jewelry to my friends and classmates. Moving quickly forward to about 2007, I became fascinated with three-dimensional beading, specifically made with geometric concepts. Designing and creating with small beads and monofilament, I have diligently explored and engineered components that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally & structurally sound.


Everything I create

Is an exploration of space

The universe lives in my skin

I manifest slivers

Of the infinities within

I do. Because I think.

I can. Create.

What makes me.

What I Am.

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