Rachel Meiser

Rachel Meiser

Rachel Meiser

Rachel Meiser is an apparel, costume, and graphic designer based in Indianapolis. She first learned sewing and handcrafts from her grandmother, then honed her skills by earning a BA in Fashion Design from Kent State University in 2011. After college, Rachel chose to return to her hometown and build a business in the city that built her–surrounded by her amazing, multicultural family.

Rachel is gifted with an eye for design and a brain built for business. Her business RRD goes beyond your typical alterations service. With her background in everything from customer service to product development, and even an odd stint as a security guard, she’s been there and done that. The lessons that she has learned lend themselves to the creative services that she provides.

Client List

  • Indy Dance Academy
  • Rocket Doll Revue
  • Private Alterations and Custom
  • Custom Design Clientele

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