Rebekah is a photographer and creative director based in Indianapolis who uses photography to paint vivid, thought-provoking, and emotionally expressive images that help me to make sense of her personal experiences. She derives inspiration from music, fashion, and her cultural identity as a Black, immigrant woman.

Beyond creating beautiful works that inspire dialogue, she also seeks to reframe the role of photography in the fine arts world. With the emergence of smartphones and applications that have put sophisticated image editing tools into the hands of millions, photography continues to be criticized as an illegitimate or primarily commercial artform. She aims to demonstrate, through mastery of artistic elements like light and form, that photography can be just as sophisticated as painting, ceramics, and other visual artforms.

Rebekah’s artistic blueprint revolves around the idea of stepping outside of conventional norms and pushing boundaries to bring fresh perspectives and highlight the beauty and complexity of stories around her.

So far, she has had the pleasure of working with Amazon and recording artist UMI, and in 2021, she released her first coffee table book and custom card deck, entitled “A Note to Self”, featuring photographs taken over a three year period. In 2019, she co-curated an all-women art show in LA with another emerging artist. Their intention was to create a space where women of color could showcase their work and have their voices heard.

Client List

  • Amazon
  • UMI
  • Indianapolis Urban League
  • Jordan’s Jewelz
  • Butler University
  • Freemind Garments
  • Mellowhype
  • Make It Make $ense

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