Rob Sloan

Rob Sloan

Rob Sloan

Rob Sloan is a tattoo artist born and raised in Indianapolis, specializing in letters and portraits. He has loved drawing since childhood. His mother gifted him his first tattoo kit at age 17. As he developed my craft over the years, he has expanded into painting canvases and murals, with the same specialties of portraits and calligraphy.

In his painting style, he creates multiple layers where a deeper message can be read under the main image. Rob curated this style from a mixture of my favorite types of art. While appreciating each piece, new images or words appear that aren’t seen at first glance. He uses acrylic paint, spray paint, airbrush, brushes, finger blending and markers.

Rob has won multiple first-place awards for his tattoos and paintings. He enjoys traveling around the country participating in different competitions and meeting other talented artists.

Client List

  • The Artistry Realm Tattoo & Art Studio
  • Nap or Nothing Clothing Store
  • Mystery Fun Club
  • Memory Lane Tattoo Studio
  • Unk's Tattoo Parlor
  • Cavalier Barbershop

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