Taylor Cappelleri

Taylor Cappelleri

Taylor Cappelleri

Taylor Cappelleri is an artist based out of West Lafayette, IN. She grew up an Army Brat, traveling the world since age five. Through this experience, she learned a lot about people, families and culture. She says being multiracial (Puerto Rican, Black and Japanese) navigating this world has its challenges but there is beauty in the challenge. Ultimately, we all have our own unique stories and experiences that shape us. As a child, she loved to create art and even attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and received a degree in fashion design.

As life happens, family and kids became her priority and she disconnected from her artistic self. However, when the world shut down in 2020, she used that as an opportunity to dive back into her art. This time, Taylor was more intentional with her creativity as a tool toward healing and transformation. The more she created the more she realized that she has a story to tell that perhaps can help or motivate others to tap into their creative selves.

The following year, she created an opportunity for people to share their own stories with her and have their story transformed into a custom piece of artwork. This led to a residency at The Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette creating artwork for the 2022-23 play season. In between these commissions, she also teaches group classes to give others the opportunity to work with her and offer artistic guidance. Storytelling, art and creating opportunities for connection is a true passion of hers.

Client List

  • The Arts Federation
  • Scout
  • The Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette
  • Community Yoga

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