Denison Parking

Garage Beautification Project
January 30, 2023


Perry Griffith III
Matt Belanger
Alyse Tucker Bounds
Ryan Hunley
Mali Simmone Jeffers
Alan Bacon

What are we trying to do?
Why are we trying to do it?


The Opportunity


Tier One

  • Beautification and maintenance mitigation: Re-skin existing structures as dynamic reflections of local culture and artistic expression. Each mural design will be custom to the context of the wall and garage balancing eye-catching design with architectural responsiveness.
  • Re-skinning existing structure(s) 
  • Show 5-7 examples and talk through them / identify artists and designers
  • Pros – Easily scalable to multiple garages with predictable pricing and timing. Achieves physical maintenance mitigation.

Tier Two

  • Murals make beautiful work of the pre-existing canvases we have in cities. But these spaces can be transformed into inviting and inspiring locations through installation art and landscape architecture. Through light, movement, and 360-degree site design, these installations can become a new scalable model of cultural activation in any city.
  • Show 5-7 examples and talk through them / identify artists and designers
  • Pros – Transforms the environment and experience of the visitor. Lighting, framing, and contextual elements bring an immersive experience that is part of the site identity. Design has more potential for local and national press around transforming otherwise latent urban locations into vibrant cornerstones of culture.
  • GANGGANG would broker a national artist to commission a new and unique piece just for Indianapolis.

Questions and
next steps.