Embracing the Undefined and Nontraditional Art World

My role in the art industry is one that is undefined and nontraditional. That’s why I created my own platform, KKURATED Creative Agency, to bridge the gaps between creatives, collectors, brands, and gallery spaces,  so that I can continuously source new opportunities for my clients. I pride myself on being able to fill the voids that often prohibit the Creators from focusing on their craft.
I accepted the role as this year’s Guest Curator for BUTTER: A Fine Art Fair simply because the core values of GANGGANG align with my own. Artists are trying to find ways to break the mold of the current ecosystem, and BUTTER plays a part in this by being one of the only in-person art fairs to give 100 percent of the proceeds from sales back to the artists.
It is important for BUTTER to exist in order for artists to have an equitable environment to showcase their artistry, make new connections and celebrate culture all at the same time. It’s within these spaces that artists are able to untether constraints placed on creativity and fully tap into their potential.

As a curator, we often look for work that offers a fresh perspective or a unique approach to a technique. The stories behind the artwork, to me, can be more important and intriguing than the artwork itself. Being able to combine the stories into a cohesive offering while providing an experience is also a form of art.
Let’s be clear, this industry is tough! It’s very hard to navigate these spaces alone and helping artists take ownership of their practice and become vocal about their concerns is an integral part in the process of change. Fairs like BUTTER and institutions like GANGGANG allow us to start to control our own narrative, helping to reshape the current structure so that it works better and is beneficial for us all.
I look forward to meeting you all at BUTTER this year!