Office and Operations Manager

GANGGANG is seeking an Office and Operations Manager whose administrative, financial, and people skills will synchronize all areas of the organization, moving the team into the next phase of maturity as a cultural startup. As a creative firm, projects, programs, and activities represent a large range of logistical and budgetary needs. A successful Office and Operations Manager will coordinate these needs with excellence and cultivate an environment of creativity. The right candidate will be able to respond efficiently to spontaneous needs, such as office visitors, while managing multiple ongoing projects.



  • Cultivate environment of openness and collaboration 
  • Coordinate flow of the GANGGANG business, office and day to day operations 
  • Welcome and interface with public and guests in the office and at events 
  • Coordinate GANGGANG calendar and team scheduling needs 
  • Field and distribute new inquiries through the website or to 
  • Act as primary liaison to fiscal agent, maintaining sound financial policies and practices 
  • Coordinate accounts payable and accounts receivable 
  • Coordinate data collection deadlines 
  • Organize and disburse as-needed business and project information 
  • Coordinate physical and virtual office needs, including office hardware, software subscriptions, and general maintenance 
  • Assist with monitoring of program and grant-cycle timelines 
  • Assist with event and program coordination as needed 
  • Work to maintain office as a clean and productive environment 



  • High-quality writing, organization and data management skills are required 
  • Ease of execution in various digital environments, including Excel, Zoom, Airtable, Google Drive, Microsoft 365, DocuSign, etc. 
  • Ability to handle multiple ongoing tasks and be present for office needs and visitors 
  • Ability to craft formal communications as needed 
  • Ability to maintain quality, excellence and organization in every area of the position 
  • Communication that improves the work and creativity of office teammates 
  • At least 3 years of experience in financial management and/or database management preferred 

Please send us a resume and cover letter by October 29th