BUTTER is a multi-day fine art fair that centers and elevates Black artists.

Black artists have benefited from a long-overdue abundance of invitations to exhibit, participate, and weigh-in. However, the cultural infrastructure for artists is lacking, and the roadmap to career advancement and financial sustainability has been unclear. BUTTER aims to change this.

BUTTER invites guests to see and experience contemporary art in new ways, all while advocating for the value and worth of Black artists. The fair was created by GANGGANG to test a new model for reparations in the arts, with a focus on care, authenticity, and economic justice.

In just three years, BUTTER has made a bright impact on Indianapolis and beyond. By returning 100% of artwork sales back to the artists, the fair is an experiment in elevating standards across the art industry and the economic viability of being an artist.

Art is not a department. Art is not a luxury. Art is our language. We are responsible for taking care of the artists in our society because they are taking care of us.

- Malina Simone Bacon
Preview Night

Preview Night

682 people were in attendance. Four major institutions acquired BUTTER artwork for their permanent collections: Central Indiana Community Foundation (2 pieces), Indiana University’s Indiana Memorial Union (3 pieces), Indiana State Museum (1 piece) and The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields (2 pieces).



1,900 students and young were people in attendance, thanks to school tours and free admission for anyone under 18. BUTTER 2023 offered 15 history walking tours with Sampson Levingston of Through2Eyes (425 adults/403 kids), with people coming from as far away as Maryland, Texas, Florida, Arizona, New Jersey, New York, California, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Montevideo, Toronto, and Cork, Ireland.



MELT was the ultimate after-hours dance party, with sounds curated by DJ Grapevine and visuals by Bad Boys of A.V.

We want to forge a new, more equitable art ecosystem for Indianapolis that will sustain both its artists and its people, serving as a model for cities far and wide.

- Sarah Urist Green
Attendance at BUTTER 2023 was more than 11,000 people, up from last year’s approximately 8,000 attendees.
  • 1,900 student tour / under 18 tickets
  • 682 people in attendance at Preview Night
  • 200+ artists, performers, and staff
BUTTER 2023 Impact: After the Weekend
  • $285,392 artwork sales during 4-day fair ($35,000 greater than BUTTER 2022)
  • $60,500 total BUTTER Shop sales, from 2,200 transactions
49 featured artists showing work 
  • 4 presenting galleries
  • 16 of the presenting artists from outside of Indiana
  • 50 DJs, curated by Deckademics


  • AES Indiana
    Title Sponsor
  • JP Morgan Chase
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  • Newfields
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  • The Indianapolis Foundation
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  • Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium
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  • Jrue and Lauren Holiday Fund
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  • Rachel and Jennifer Simon
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  • Glick Philanthropies
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Photo Credits: Jay Goldz, Simone Walls, Gerald Encarnacion, Eric Lubrick, Gabrielle Minion, Cheria Caldwell, Wildstyle, Francis Nwsosu

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