Investing in the next generation

GANGGANG Dreamers is a cultural immersion program for high school sophomores and juniors who are eager to learn about who they are outside of traditional social norms and constructs. GANGGANG creates opportunities to develop and invest in the future of the creative economy. Exposing the next generation of dreamers to new places with new people and guiding them through experiences with storytelling is how they aim to create a city and broader community that exists beyond the construct.


What events will students be attending?

This year, DREAMERS will be traveling to Washington D.C. to explore the nation’s capital in a way that most high school sophomores and juniors never have before. Instead of the traditional trips to the White House, National Mall and Lincoln Monument, we’ll spend extensive time in places like the National Museum of African American History & Culture, where communities and cultures collide to tell stories that challenge the constructs of what “We The People” are taught to be “true” about our identity as individuals and a nation.


What exactly do you mean by cultural immersion?

By definition, “cultural immersion” refers to the integration of self into another culture, interacting with locals and understanding the way others live. GANGGANG takes this common definition a step deeper; instead of integration and interaction, the DREAMERS will engage and invest their time and talent within the DC area to better understand who they are as change agents, all with the intention of returning to Indianapolis with a broadened perspective on citizenship, agency and impact.


What cultures will students be immersed in?

DREAMERS approaches immersion from an intersectional perspective; while Black voices will be centered (as is the case throughout GANGGANG’s portfolio of initiatives and programs), DREAMERS should expect to engage with the many dimensions and shades and spectrums of Blackness within the DC Metro area, from gender to religion and spirituality to sexuality to socio-economic status to ability.


How will students be involved in work that GANGGANG does?

While DREAMERS is a program focused on investing in the lives and minds of high school scholars, the exposure of the participants to the impact that GANGGANG is making should not be ignored. DREAMERS should consider this a soft introduction to future possibilities with the organization, whether that be in formal capacities like internships or employment or more informal opportunities like exposure to programs other than BUTTER like In The Mix or The Festival of Black Joy.

How much does this program cost?

Applicants are not responsible for any program costs with the exception to optional spending money during the cultural immersion.